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Dog Training Graduates


West Highland White Terrrier


She overcame her fear of the microwave and learned to poliely greet guests at the door. Her biggest accomplishment was learning to be comfortable with her surrounding environment and to share things with her owners and sister.


Boxer mix


Completed our ABC & 123 training package

Biggest accomplishments: Learned and strengthened behaviors like 'leave it' and 'come'. Also worked on having calm behaviors in the house and being comfortable meeting new people. Zeus loved the 'touch' game!

Great job Zeus!


German Shephard mix, 12 wks old


Completed our New Puppy Pack. She learned housebreaking rules, sit and stay. She is also learning to play fetch with her family members and sit politely for petting.


Australian Shephard, 10 wks old


Compleated our ABC & 123 training package. For his age, he completed this class with ease. He learned crate manners, calm manners in the house, sit, stay, come, down, leave-it, and walking nicely on a leash. Awesome job Roscoe! Keep up the great work 


Beagle, 12 weeks old


Completed our New Puppy Pack. His family had fun teaching him to sit politely for his food and before going outside. He also learned to stay, come, and leave it. Bruno is a smart boy!


Staffordshire Terrier, 8 months old


Completed the ABC 123 package to learn to be calm and walk nicely on a leash. His family worked on boundries in the house, leash manners, and taught him how to play fetch. Snoop also learned how to greet nicely without jumping. 


Lab Mix, 14 weeks old


Completed the New Puppy Pack and learned so many new things! He learned to go potty outside and to not jump and nip when greeting and playing. He also learend to sit for rewards like going outside and petting. Nikko also learned the beginning steps for behaviors like stay, come and leave it. Great job Nikko and family!


English Bulldog, 11 months old


Completed the Back to Basics package and learned how to be a calm boy. Luke's family did a wonderful job teaching him how to greet strangers without jumping and how to walk nicely on leash without pulling. Luke also learned to pay attention when he gets distracted, stay and wait at the door. He also learned leave it! Great job Luke and family. Keep working hard!


Australian Shephard, 4 months old


The future is bright for this little pup! He completed several sessions to strengthen the behaviors that he already knows. He can stay, come, sit and lay down from a distance and with distractions present. He learned to heel and wait at the door and before crossing the street. Roscoe is also learning to fetch the frisbee and is sure to be a star one day.


Beagle, 12 weeks old


Completed our New Puppy Pack. His family had fun teaching him to sit politely for his food and before going outside. He also learned to stay, come, and leave it. Kwando is a smart boy!




Pit/German Shepard Mix, 5 months old


Completed the ABC 123 package. She learned sit, stay, and come. She is also working on walking on leash, politely greeting strangers and getting along with the cat. Keep up the great work and keep practicing!


Lab Mix, 4 years old


Compleated the ABC 123 package. His biggest accomplishment was learing to not bolt out of an open door and coming when called. He also learned sit, stay, how to wait for attention and is working on politely greeting guets at the door. Great job everyone!

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